The Portuguese Podengo Club of America Presented its Annual UKC Podengo Specialty on Saturday August 15, 2015 at Raynham, Massachusetts at the Performance Plus K9 Activity Center with Judge Antonio L. Raposo presiding.

Medios, Grandes and Pequenos - all three sizes and both varieties were shown!

Learn all about the Specialty at the PPCA's Maticar news!

Download: summer2015maticar.pdf

Events at and near the Show as well the days before and after:

Saturday morning events included an exhibition by several of the Portuguese American hunters in the New Bedford region. This was a great opportunity to reconnect with the hunting tradition of our breed. There was also a Barn Storming demonstration for the accomplished Pequeno ratters in attendance!

Dog-Friendly Things to Do

Fort Phoenix Beach!
Green St and Doane St, Fairhaven, MA. Enjoy this
gorgeous Oceanside hike, which includes a
hurricane dike and views of fishing boats.
Your pet is welcome to join you on leash!

New Bedford Walking Tour
33 William Street New Bedford, MA. A guided
walking tour of the Historic New Bedford Whaling
District. The one-hour tour is free and takes
place several times a day in the summer months.
The tour will bring you up and down restored
cobblestone streets past restored whaling mansions,
the customhouse and the Seaman's Bethel
made famous in the novel Moby Dick!

After the walking tour, a must-see is the
New Bedford Whaling Museum at 18 Johnny Cake Hill.

Harbor Tours in New Bedford
Fisherman's Wharf Pier 3 New Bedford, MA.
(508) 984-4979 captain@WhalingCityExpedition.
Take a 70-minute vacation with Harbor Tours
of New Bedford! Their clean, quiet vessel
takes you and your out-of-town visitors on
a relaxing cruise around the historical
New Bedford/Fairhaven Harbor. Highlights
include the Palmer's Island Lighthouse,
Fort Phoenix, and the largest Hurricane
Barrier on the East Coast, a working fishing
fleet, Coast Guard Cutters, and lots of
Whaling History!!


The Portuguese Podengo Club of America was incorporated in 2003 in Newport, Rhode Island, and is the first and largest organization of Podengo owners in the United States. PPCA is dedicated to preserving and protecting this ancient breed, whose origins date back thousands of years. The Podengo comes in three sizes - Pequeno (small), Medio (medium) and Grande (large) and two coat types - wire and smooth. Height and Weight of each of the three sizes:

8 to 12 inches in Pequeno 9 to 13 lbs
16 to 22 inches in the Medio 35 to 44 lbs
22 to 28 inches in the Grande 44 to 66 lbs

Coming to the Iberian Peninsula with the Phoenicians from the area of Asia Minor more than 2,000 years ago, Podengos can be seen on the bas relief of 11th century churches in Portugal and first appear in literature in the 14th century. The small Podengos traveled around the world on the caravels of Portuguese explorers, keeping the ship's food stores free of rodents and protecting the sailors from vermin-born disease. In 2001, PPCA's founders, Marilyn Piurek & Kip Bergstrom, brought the first Podengo to show in the USA, Chicharro de Viamonte, better known as "Manny". To see a photo gallery of Manny through the years, go to

The Podengo is also a fine companion, excels in the sports of hunting, lure coursing, flyball and agility, is a great service dog, and is happiest in an active home.

The Podengo is accepted in all international registries and is registered in the USA with UKC, AKC, FCPR, ARBA, and rare breed organizations. It participates in the Primitive Class in Europe and in the the Sighthound and Pariah Group in the UKC and in the Hound Group in the AKC.


Looking for a puppy? Start at our Puppies section and follow the links. PPCA members are known for their healthy, well-socialized puppies and work together to breed happy, beautiful smooth and wire coat Podengos. PPCA has a registered breeders program and lists Member Breeders at target='_blank'> Visit our links page to see the websites of all of our member-breeders. Browse these pages to learn more about the breed and the PPCA. If you have questions or would like more information, contact us at
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