Manny - Chicharro de Viamonte

Manny - Chicharro de Viamonte

Our beautiful, funny, sweet, so smart Manny (Chicharro de Viamonte) passed away in his sleep this morning. In January, he would have turned 15, so he made it to 14 3/4, a good life, though we had hoped for a few more years.

Manny was the first Podengo Pequeno brought from Portugal by Marilyn Piurek and Kip Bergstrom in 2001, bred by Miguel Sabino of Viamonte Kennels, and became the first Podengo Pequeno registered with the AKC's Foundation Stock Service.
In his younger years, before Podengo Pequenos were admitted to the AKC, Manny was exhibited extensively with the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA). He attained the status of Champion within ARBA, winning many ribbons, including Best of Show. We now have hundreds of third, fourth and fifth generation Podengo Pequenos throughout the U.S., but Manny was the first.

Manny loved to visit Marilyn and Kip, play with his Podengo pack, run in the woods and fields, go anywhere and everywhere. He ran like a bullet, could always tell, from more than a mile away, whenever we were approaching any of his numerous much-loved homes, loved going on any adventure, visit, vacation or errand, and was always on alert, guarding his people, his home, his yard, the best guard dog ever.
Manny quickly became Richard's therapy dog, the two of them developed a deep bond, always looking out for one another, completely devoted to each other. Manny was Richard's baby, and Richard was Manny's best pal. His passing leaves a big hole in our hearts.

Manny, you were the King, you lived large and long, we will miss you so very much. You were the first and the best, you will always remembered in the history of Podengos in the U.S. Rest in peace, sweet boy.- Linda Buchanan

“I Think He Has Good Hair” - Kip Bergstrom
That was one of the first things that Miguel Sabino said to me about Manny when Marilyn and I arrived at Miguel’s house in Leiria, Portugal to pick him up as a puppy. Miguel turned out to be so right about Manny’s coat. In fact, I have not met another PPP wire with a coat as good as Manny’s. We would walk through a briar patch and I would come out full of briars, but he never have a thing on him. The CT woods can be muddy, and Manny, with his fawn-on-white coat, would get noticeably muddied up. But by the time we got back to the car, the mud would have dried and fallen off, with his coat looking like he’d just had a bath. I called him the self-cleaning oven.

“That’s the Best Lateral Movement I’ve Ever Seen” - Marilyn
That’s what a judge told me one of the first times I showed Manny. I don’t think I even knew what lateral movement was then. It’s when the judge looks at the dog from the side as the dog is taken around the ring with other dogs at the beginning and end of the judging of a class. She said this to me after she had finished judging and asked me to take Manny around the ring again so she could see him move one more time. Manny was a great mover, with a level top line and a smooth, effortless, well-balanced, light step. His angulation and proportion were perfect and you could see it come together in how he moved. Plus, he quite obviously loved it.

I think it was at that moment that I realized that Manny was a better dog than I was a handler, or ever would be, and that for his sake and the sake of the breed, we needed to find him the best handler we could. We were showing him in the rare breed circuit at the time, and one of the best rare breed handlers, Daniel Rosa, agreed to take him on. Daniel could see that Manny was built right and had the attitude of a winner. Together they put the Portuguese Podengo on the map. Manny was the first Portuguese Podengo to be an ARBA Champion, a Rarities Champion, and the first Champion of the Federation Canine du Canada.He was the first Podengo to win Group in those organizations, and the first Podengo Podengo in the US to win a Reserve BIS. That was at ARBA’s big Cherry Blossom Show in Washington, DC. In a ring filled with huge, scary breeds like the Cane Corso, the Dogo Argentino and the Tibetan Mastiff, the judge told me that he believed that Manny thought he was the biggest dog in the show.

Manny sired Amalia da Casa de Maio, the first American-born PPP wire coat and the first American-born Portuguese Podengo Champion. She did what every breeder hopes for: she beat her father to win the PPCA National Specialty, under Judge Luis Gorjao Henriques of Portugal. I’m sure that Manny wanted to win that day, but I think he was a proud papa too. When Mali had a litter, Manny would become the first Portuguese Podengo grandfather in America, and when one of her daughters, Donzela, had a single girl, Frankie, he would become the first Portuguese Podengo Great Grandfather in America. Frankie had two litters before Manny passed, making him the first Portuguese Podengo Great, Great Grandfather in America.


The Portuguese Podengo Club of America was incorporated in 2003 in Newport, Rhode Island, and is the first and largest organization of Podengo owners in the United States. PPCA is dedicated to preserving and protecting this ancient breed, whose origins date back thousands of years. The Podengo comes in three sizes - Pequeno (small), Medio (medium) and Grande (large) and two coat types - wire and smooth. Height and Weight of each of the three sizes:

8 to 12 inches in Pequeno 9 to 13 lbs
16 to 22 inches in the Medio 35 to 44 lbs
22 to 28 inches in the Grande 44 to 66 lbs

Coming to the Iberian Peninsula with the Phoenicians from the area of Asia Minor more than 2,000 years ago, Podengos can be seen on the bas relief of 11th century churches in Portugal and first appear in literature in the 14th century. The small Podengos traveled around the world on the caravels of Portuguese explorers, keeping the ship's food stores free of rodents and protecting the sailors from vermin-born disease. In 2001, PPCA's founders, Marilyn Piurek & Kip Bergstrom, brought the first Podengo to show in the USA, Chicharro de Viamonte, better known as "Manny". To see a photo gallery of Manny through the years, go to

The Podengo is also a fine companion, excels in the sports of hunting, lure coursing, flyball and agility, is a great service dog, and is happiest in an active home.

The Podengo is accepted in all international registries and is registered in the USA with UKC, AKC, FCPR, ARBA, and rare breed organizations. It participates in the Primitive Class in Europe and in the the Sighthound and Pariah Group in the UKC and in the Hound Group in the AKC.


Looking for a puppy? Start at our Puppies section and follow the links. PPCA members are known for their healthy, well-socialized puppies and work together to breed happy, beautiful smooth and wire coat Podengos. PPCA has a registered breeders program and lists Member Breeders at target='_blank'> Visit our links page to see the websites of all of our member-breeders. Browse these pages to learn more about the breed and the PPCA. If you have questions or would like more information, contact us at
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