The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

2003 PPCA Annual Meeting, Elections & Specialty

2003 PPCA Annual Meeting, Elections & Specialty ppcashow2003.jpg
PPCA First Annual Meeting and Specialty: Back row L-R: PPCA President Marilyn Piurek, ARBA Judge Marjorie Tuff, Member Kip Bergstrom, Director Dawn Gardner, Vice President Darlene Devaney, Member Elliot Washor. Bottom L-R: Treasurer Bonnie Braun, Secretary Robert Phillips

First Annual PPCA Meeting & Elections Meeting Highlights

The First Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Podengo Club of America was held on April 26, 2003 at the ARBA Cherry Blossom Classic in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, not far from the nation's capitol of Washington, DC. A quorum of members was present. Folders were distributed that included a copy of the January 26, 2003 Certificate of Incorporation, the March 12, 2003 Letter of Recognition by ARBA, the PPCA Constitution and Bylaws, and the list of Podengo owners in the United States.

Business included:

(1) The PPCA Constitution, Mission Statement, and Bylaws as amended were adopted by unanimous consent.

(2) Election of Officers to two year terms, all by unanimous consent: President: Marilyn Piurek Vice President: Darlene Devaney Secretary: Robert Phillips Treasurer: Bonnie Braun Directors: Dawn Gardner, Judy Parker, Penny Schroeder

(3) Pedigree Software: A committee to investigate and recommend software needed for PPCA pedigree record keeping was established.

(4) Website & Logo: Marilyn Piurek volunteered use of her website,, to be revamped for PPCA use. PPCA logo approved.

(5) Bonnie Braun will develop an application for membership for all US Podengo owners. At this point there are 31 purebred Podengos in the United States owned by 27 individuals, 16 of who are PPCA members, the majority of whom attended this meeting. Honorary memberships will be granted to those breeders who have supported us in developing the breed in the United States.

(6) AKC Status: Unanimous approval to seek AKC recognition by applying first for AKC-Foundation Stock Service listing.

(7) 2004 Specialty: Goal is to bring a judge from Portugal for next year's US Specialty.

First Annual Specialty Show - 2003!

Results included:
Marilyn Piurek ARBA A1 CH. Chicharro de Viamonte Best Of Breed, Group 1, BIS-RunnerUp

Darlene A. Devaney Donzela De Viamonte Best Of Opposite, Winners Bitch

Penny Schroeder Horacio De Viamonte Winners Dog, Best Of Winners