The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

2005 Annual Meeting, Elections, and Specialty

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L-R: Kip Bergstrom, Robert Phillips, Jim Glenn, Marilyn Piurek, Judge Luis Catalan, Fannie Allen, Sue Davis, Ramona Adams, Fran Westfall.
The PPCA convened on April 23-24, 2005 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland at ARBA's Cherry Blossom weekend for its Third Annual Meeting.

Summary of PPCA Achievements

In the past two years since PPCA's founding, much has been accomplished. There are now more than eight-five purebred Podengos residing in 26 states. These include Pequeno wire hair and smooth coat as well as Medio wires and smooths. The PPCA has been the guardian of a careful process to screen potential owners and match them with appropriate breeders in the US, Portugal, and other countries, with the long-term vision of developing an effective national breeding program as well as efficient state chapters of the PPCA. With the teamwork of dedicated members, the following gains have been made since PPCA's inception:

- The American Rare Breed Association and Rarities, Inc., two organizations dedicated to showing rare breeds in the United States and Canada, recognized the Portuguese Podengo. The first Podengo Specialty Show was held in April 2003 at the ARBA Cherry Blossom Classic and other Specialties have since been held at both of ARBA and Rarities, Inc.

- In June 2004, the American Kennel Club recognized the Portuguese Podengo for recording in its Foundation Stock Service. Final and full AKC recognition will be gained when there are sufficient numbers of Podengos in the United States, and most other criteria were met in PPCA's application for recognition.

- The American Sighthound Field Association granted recognition to the Portuguese Podengo in October 2004 in response to the application of the PPCA. This will allow Podengos throughout the United States to participate in all ASFA field trials and activities.

- The United Kennel Club, the second oldest all-breed dog registry in the United States recognized the Portuguese Podengo in early 2005, opening up thousands of UKC-licensed events to the Podengo.

- The Portuguese Podengo Club of America is the official spokesperson for the breed and the exclusive breed club as recognized by ARBA, Rarities, ASFA and the UKC.

- In May 2003, PPCA became the first international Podengo club to affiliate with the Podengo Club of Portugal (CPP) and enjoys a strong working relationship with the CPP. PPCA delegations attended the world Podengo show (Monografica) in Portugal in 2003 and 2004, spending considerable time studying and learning about the Podengo through hands-on visits to kennels and meetings and discussions with the CPP and the Kennel Club of Portugal (CPC) and individual breeders.

- The Portuguese Podengo is featured on both the AKC and the ASFA websites, resulting in a large increase in the number of visitors to the PPCA website, This Internet presence, along with the dedication and hard work of Club members educating people about the breed, has increased the Podengo's profile in the United States.

The fast growing popularity of the Podengo in America underscores the need for greater vigilance and commitment to the founding principles of the PPCA to protect the integrity of the breed.

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America is now entering an exciting path as it positions itself for full recognition of the breed by the AKC. The PPCA understands the absolute necessity to work closely with fellow Podengo breeders, owners and aficionados throughout the world to protect the interests of this ancient breed, so tied to the history of the great land of Portugal.

Highlights of PPCA Annual Meeting, April 23 and continued to April 24, 2005

(1) FSS recordings are proceeding, with 82 Podengos accepted into the AKC-FSS Registry. 41 new Podengos are in the US since the last meeting. Almost all imports have come through support of the PPCA.

(2) RI dogs, those without full pedigrees, have been imported by individuals and some have had health problems. Other "show" imports have been of pet or RI status. There was unanimous agreement that the PPCA President should advise Portugal not to export these RI dogs to the United States and to seek a a meeting under the Lisbon Protocols to discuss pedigrees, health documents, and export of dogs from Portugal.

(3) New member applicants must have two sponsors.

(4) A written code of ethics will be developed to define how breeders must act and it will include measures for enforcement. All applicants must agree to this Code of Ethics. Unanimously passed.

(5) Podengos may participate in AKC agility events and in AKC "B" Matches.

(6) Education: An illustrated Breed Standard and new member welcome package will be developed.

Election of PPCA Officers 2005-2007

The following individuals were elected by unanimous consent to two year terms:

Marilyn Piurek: President
James R. Glenn: Vice President
Robert Phillips: Secretary
Cal Schroeder: Treasurer
Ramona Adams: Director (Health, Education)
Sue Davis: Director (Publicity, Communications)
Penny Schroeder: Director (Registrar)

2005 Specialty Results

Judge Luis Catalan of Portugal judged the Specialty. Results include:

Wire-hair Podengo Pequeno

Spanky: Winners Dog, CAC-US

Amalia da Casa de Mayo: Winners Bitch, CAC-US; Best of Opposite Sex; Best of Winners

Sericaia do Vale Negro: Reserve Winner

Chicharro de Viamonte (Manny): Best of Breed; Group 3

Smooth Coat Pequeno

Lia do Vale de Linhos (Portia): CAC-US; Winners Bitch; Best of Winners; Best of Breed

Smooth Coat Medio

Divah do Vale do Poco (Gaia): Winners Bitch; Best of Winners; Best of Breed

Summary of Results of all four Weekend Shows

Twelve Podengos and their owners participated in this show. They included Jim Glenn from California - smooth hair Medio, Divah ("Gaia") br. Armindo Germano; Ramona Adams from Kansas - wire-hair Pequeno puppy, Xiquita do Vale Negro ("Xiquita"); Fran Westfall from Michigan - two wire-hair Pequeno puppies (Lelly & Licia, br. M. Antonieta Rodrigues; Sue and Darrell Davis from Iowa - wire-hair Pequeno, Spanky, br. M. Antonieta Rodrigues; Robert Phillips from New Jersey - smooth hair Pequeno, Lia do Vale de Linhos, ("Portia"); Marilyn Piurek and Kip Bergstrom from Connecticut - 3 wire-hair Pequenos: ARBA CH Chicharro de Viamonte ("Manny"), Amalia da Casa de Mayo ("Mali", born in the USA) and Sericaia do Vale Negro ("Caia");
Penny and Cal Schroeder from New Hampshire - three wire-hair Pequenos: ARBA CH Horacio de Viamonte ("Racio"), Ilda da Casa de S Domingos, Tintol do Vale Negro.

Also attending but without their Podengos were Fannie Allen (owner of smooth hair Medio, ARBA CH Serigaita do Vale do Poco ("Ryea") from California and Teddy Burke (owner of two w-h PPP's Rissol do Vale Negro and Nisa) from Delaware.

The attendees traveled long distances (some over 3,000 miles - 4,828 km - one way) to attend this third annual Portuguese Podengo Specialty and support our Portuguese Podengo Club of America by attending our club meeting afterwards.

Judge Luis Catalan, who flew from Portugal and conducted a breed seminar and helped educate us in better understanding how our individual Podengos meet the Portuguese Podengo standard.

The following is the list of winners and judges for the four shows that were held on April 23rd and 24th, 2005:
(1) April 23rd AM show: j. Ramona Fine
Smooth hair Medio: 1
Divah - Exc., WB, BW, BOB - CAC-US
Wire-Hair Pequeno: 4+ 6
Spanky: Exc., WD, CAC-US
Sericaia do Vale Negro: Exc., WB, BW, BOS - CAC-US
ARBA CH Horacio de Viamonte: BOB, GR 4
(2) April 23rd PM Portuguese Podengo Specialty Show
j. Luis Catalan, PT
Smooth hair Medio: 1
Divah - Exc., WB, BOB - CAC-US
Smooth hair Pequeno: 1
Lia do Vale de Linhos: Exc., WB, BOB - CAC-US
Wire-Hair Pequeno: 4 + 6
Spanky: Exc., WD - CAC-US
Amalia da Casa de Mayo: Exc., WB, BW, BOS - CAC-US
ARBA CH Chicharro de Viamonte: BOB, GR 3
(3)April 24th AM show j. Ramona Fine
Smooth hair Medio: 1
Divah - Exc.,WB, BOB - CAC-US
Wire-hair Pequeno: 2 + 1
Spanky - Exc., WD, BW, BOB - CAC-US, GR 1
Ilda da Casa de S Domingos - Exc., WB, BOS - CAC-US
(4)April 24 PM show j. Elizabeth Leap
Smooth hair Medio: 1
Divah - Exc., WB, BOB - CAC-US
Wire-hair Pequeno: 2 + 1
Spanky - Exc., WD, BW, BOB - CAC-US, GR 3
Ilda da Casa de S Domingos: Exc., WB - CAC-US