The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

2007 Specialty & Annual Meeting

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PPCA Booth - 2007 Specialty
This was the first meeting of the new, uncontested slate of PPCA officers and directors, which includes:


President: Kip Bergstrom
Old Saybrook, CT
Vice President: Antonio Dias
Narragansett, RI
Secretary: Catherine Goldman
Fall River, MA
Treasurer: Nadine Mahan
Watertown, CT


Ramona Adams
Easton, KS
Susan F. Davis
Clive, IA
Suzanne Faria
San Pablo, CA
Eve Parris, Tucson, AZ
Springdale, AR

The Portuguese Podengo Club of America (PPCA) held its 5th Annual USA Podengo Specialty Show and PPCA Annual Meeting the weekend of May 4-6 in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, hosted by Rarities, Inc. Twenty-three Portuguese Podengos, including wire and smooth coat Medios and Pequenos, attended this fabulous event. The sun and fun filled weekend took place at the Best Western at Hunts Landing, overlooking the Delaware Gap and the junction of three states (NY, NJ, PA). Participants attended from as far as California, Arizona, Ohio, Massachusetts and Connecticut and many other states. The weekend featured the National Specialty and four other shows. Vitor Veiga, international judge, author of The Portuguese Podengo, President of the Podengo Club of Portugal, hunter and attorney, judged the Specialty, which took place on Saturday afternoon. Wire Hair Medio Daniela bred by Antoneta Rodrigues of Portugal, and owned by Eve Parris of Arizona won the Specialty and Bacalhau de Viamonte, owned by Marilyn Piurek of Porto Novo Podengos in Connecticut and Miguel Sabino of Portugal won the Best Jr. Puppy in Show. Detailed results and photos can be found on our show pages.

The weekend was lots of fun. In addition to the conformation shows, there was a Parade of Podengos, a costume contest (ably judged by Gabriela Veiga), a raffle and prizes and gifts for everyone. Throughout the weekend, PPCA members congregated in "Podengo Village" . . . a row of pop-up tents and chairs, with our big, new PPCA logo banner at the center and helium-filled balloons in the colors of the Portuguese flag. PPCA Secretary Katie Goldman and PPCA Board Member Eve Parris did a terrific job organizing the Specialty Show and other events, including finding very thoughtful Portuguese arts and crafts for the Specialty prizes, and soliciting donations of great dog merchandise for the raffle from various national vendors. Saturday night we all dined together in the hotel restaurant, another opportunity to get to know each other better.

This Specialty marked an important turning point for the PPCA. While we all had a lot of fun, we also started to forge a serious learning community. The PPCA Annual Meeting, held the evening of Friday, May 4th, featured a hands-on PowerPoint presentation by PPCA President Kip Bergstrom and Vitor Veiga, with members and their dogs in attendance. Fielding questions for two and a half hours, Veiga gave the PPCA members an in-depth immersion in the Breed Standard and history, using various dogs to illustrate key points. The PPCA members who attended displayed the requisite humility, desire and energy to be the best possible stewards of the breed, learning from our Portuguese partners.

Vitor Veiga conducted a clinic on Sunday morning where he provided a written and oral assessment of each of the dogs. It was clear that the U.S. now has some excellent dogs, and with careful breeding and a lot of luck, significant contributions can be made to the improvement of the Portuguese Podengo. We joke that our National Specialty is the "Podengo Dating Game" in America, an opportunity for owners to scope out possible matches for breeding.

Each of the members also had time on Sunday for one-on-one conversations with Vitor and Gabriela Veiga, where they could further pursue questions about their dogs and the breed. Everyone who attended had a wonderful time, in large part due to this opportunity for intense personal contact and learning with Vitor and Gabriela. A special thank you to them for their generosity and openness, and for allowing us the privilege to share the stewardship of this magnificent breed.

Specialty Show Results

Winner is Daniela! Owner Eve Parris, bred by Antonieta Rodrigues of Coruche, Portugal. See more photos of Daniela and the Podengos on our show pages.



6 - 9 Month Junior Puppy
1. Bachalau de Viamonte (Bucky); B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O: Miguel
Sabino PT & Marilyn Piurek CT

12 -18 Month Dog
1. Zangao de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O: Teresa Knox & Bob
Browders, MA
2. Atleta de Viamonte (Jock) B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O: Rick & Erin
Barlow, OH

Open Dog
1. Douro de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O: Katie Goldman, MA
2. Icaro do Vale Negro (Ike) B: Carla Molinari, PT; O: Patricia &
Kirk Weber, KY

Winners Dog: Zangao de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino O: Teresa Knox &
Bob Browders, MA
Reserve Winners Dog: Bachalau de Viamonte (Bucky); B: Miguel
Sabino O: Miguel Sabino PT & Marilyn Piurek CT

PPP-WH Bitches

6-9 month Junior Puppy
1. A-Shulah PP Paradise B & O: Patricia & Kirk Weber, KY
2. Plushcourt Ester B: Betty Judge, UK; O: Lori Odson, KY

12-18 Month Bitch
1. Za-Za de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O: Lori Odson, KY

Open bitch
1. Sericaia do Vale Negro (Caia) B: Carla Molinari, PT; O: Marilyn
Piurek, CT
2. Corvina de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino; O: Patricia & Kirk Weber, KY

Winners Bitch: Sericaia do Vale Negro (Caia) B; Carla Molinari, PT
O: Marilyn Piurek, CT
Reserve Winners Bitch: Za-Za de Viamonte B: Miguel Sabino, PT; O:
Lori Odson, KY

Best of Breed: Sericaia do Vale Negro
Best of Opposite Sex: Zangao de Viamonte

Best Junior Puppy: Bachalau de Viamonte, Reserve: A-Shulah PP Paradise

Spay or Neuter Class
1. Chicharro de Viamonte



Open Bitch
1. Daniela of Monte dos Podengos B: Antonieta Rodrigues, PT O: Eve
Parris, AZ

12-18 month dog
1. Parrigi's Rufi o Vermelho (Julio) : B: Eve Parris, AZ; O: Carol
Coalson, NY

Open Dog
1. Fenomeno do Vale do Poco (Pony) B: Vitor & Gabriela Veiga, PT O:
Nadine Mahan, CT

Winner's Dog: Fenomeno do Vale do Poco; Reserve: Parrigi's Rufi o
Vermelho (Julio)

Best of Breed: Daniela of Monte dos Podengos
Best of Opposite Sex: Fenomeno do Vale do Poco (Pony)

Best of Breed: Coimbra de Vale do Linhos (Delfina) B: Ismael
Perreira, PT; O: Tony & Kay Dias, RI

Best of Specialty
1. Daniela of Monte dos Podengos
2. Coimbra de Vale do Linhos (Delfina)
3. Sericaia do Vale Negro