The Portuguese Podengo Club of America

2004 Annual Meeting & Specialty

2004 Annual Meeting & Specialty  ppca2ndannual-24-04.jpg
Back row L-R: Fannie Allen, PPCA Secretary Robert Phillips, Gabriela Veiga, Kip Bergstrom, President Marilyn Piurek, Judge Vitor Veiga, Eric Preputnick, Dawn Gardner. Front row L-R: Ashby Cogan, Mary Turnberg and daughter, and Ariel Pimentel

PPCA's second annual Specialty Show was held again at ARBA's Cherry Blossom Classic in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on April 24. Judged by Vitor Veiga, President of the Podengo Club of Portugal and author the breed's definitive book, The Portuguese Podengo, the Specialty was a wonderful learning experience for all!

2nd Annual Podengo National Specialty

Judge: Vitor Viega
BIS Judge: Jean Fournier, USA


Don Basilio de Porto Novo (Basil) 1st 3 - 6 Months; BOB Jr. Puppy; Group 1

Bruno da Casa de Maio 1st 6 - 9 Months
Amerigo de Bramblewood (Barkley) 1st 9 15 Months; Reserve Winners
Horacio de Viamonte (Racio)Open: 1st Open Class; Winners Dog & CAC-US:
Douro de Viamonte 2nd Open Class
Chicharro de Viamonte (Manny) BOB, Group 2

Ilda da Casa de S.Domingos 1st 9 - 15 Months; Reserve Winners
Corvina de Viamonte 1st Open Class; Winners Bitch & CAC-US; BOO & BOW
Sarissa 2nd Open Class
Amalia da Casa de Maio 3rd Open Class
Fidalga da Casa de S.Domingos 4th Open Class

Alpha de Bramblewood (Pascoa) 1st 9 15 Months; Reserve Winners
Portobelo da Casa de S. Domingos 1st Open; Winners Dog & CAC-US; BOO

Lia do Vale de Linhos (Portia) 1st Open Class; Winners Bitch & CAC-US, BOB
Flores do Vale do Cutileiro (Pilar) 2nd Open Class; Reserve Winners


Bitches: Serigaita do Vale do Poco (Ryea) 1st 6 - 9 Months; Winners Bitch & CAC-US;BOB

Highlights of Annual Meeting 4/25/2004

The meeting was the day following the Specialty. Members were pleased with the evaluation clinic by Vitor Veiga, our Specialty show judge and world-renowned Podengo expert and book author.

(1) FSS Status Update: Application was made to AKC for FSS status and should be acted on shortly. 21 new pedigreed Podengos are in the US since the last meeting.

(2) Breeder Referrals: Marilyn Piurek volunteered to be the point person for breeder referrals to vet new prospective Podengo owners. She will network between Portugal and other Europe, Brazil and U.S. contacts.

(3) Major Podengo Achievements since the last Annual Meeting: Smooth Coat Medio Quest achieved his ARBA championship to become the first Podengo Medio Champion in ARBA PPP-WH Geleia de Viamonte achieved her ARBA Championship Chicharro de Viamonte (Manny), who was the first ARBA Champion, achieved his Rarities Championship in July to become the first Rarities Podengo Champion.

(4) Election of New Board Member Judy Parker's position has become vacant. Jim Glenn was nominated for the position and approved unanimously.

(5) Approval of Members: Diane Barlau, Alex Coulter, Sue Davis, Katie Goldman, Liz King, Lynda Pierce, Veronica Rosa, Mary Turnberg, Eve Dupertuis, Brenda Martin, Mary Frances Allen, Antonio Dias, Nancy Sands and Lisa Baird. All were accepted unanimously.

(6) Organization of Committees:

Bylaws Committee Chair: Cal Schroeder

Nominating Committee: Cal Schroeder, Mary Turnberg, Judy Parker and Fannie Allen.

Shows & Prizes and Judge Education Committee: Chair Kip Bergstrom, members Cal Schroeder, Elliot Washor and Katie Goldman.

PPCA Podengo Registry Committee: Chair Penny Schroeder, members Darlene Devaney and Fannie Allen.

Agility & Lure Coursing Committee: Chair Judy Parker, members Katie Goldman and Lisa.

Website committee: Chair Marilyn Piurek, member Robert Phillips.

All committee chairs and members were accepted unanimously.