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Born in the USA Puppies

We are very concerned with health problems evidenced in Podengo Pequenos imported from Portugal. While Portugal has some fine breeders, most of whom are hunters and as such require hardy, healthy, sound dogs, other breeders are producing poorly bred/inbred lines and selling them off their internet sites. We strongly recommend great care in importing a Podengo. Similarly, there are breeders of small Podengos in the United States who are breeding to sell, not to show or to preserve the integrity of the breed.

To be safe, work with breeders who are members of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America. We are the only Podengo Pequeno club that utilizes a breeder code of ethics and has a unique health database on the breed. Indeed, the small Podengos are hearty, healthy, happy little hounds and we do the best we can to produce wonderful puppies!

See our Breeder Referral List if you are interested in adding a puppy to your family.

Porto Novo's 2003 litter - 3 boys and one girl, all so sweet!
Amigo do Lado do Rio in Pennsylvania at 10 months
2006 litter of three girls at Porto Novo
6 week old male in Newport, Rhode Island.
Tumomak Kennel's first Podengo Pequeno puppy with his grown up Rhodesian Ridgeback fiend.
Two sweet 5 week old boys from Massachusetts' Tumomak Kennels.
Little Connecticut puppy is called a Nutmegger.
5 weeks old at Porto Novo and ears are up!
4 week old smooth coat Pequeno girl
Smooth coat puppies and their mom in Oklahoma
Puppies in Kentucky at PP Paradise Kennels.
Tumomak's Zarrio in Massachusetts
Paradise Podengos at 8 weeks
Puppies and adults begging for a treat at Kentucky's PP Paradise Kennel.
4 week old Amor do Porto Novo and 14 year old Maggie the Lab babysitter in Rhode Island
4 week old Donzela do Porto Novo in Connecticut
Two sisters at 4 weeks
They look like smiling little bears when brand new!
Abby and Ducky, two of a litter of six puppies at 7 weeks at Utopia Hill Kennel in Kentucky.
A dog named "Cat" with her puppies in Kentucky.
Dixie do Porto Novo loves boating!
Little Mia from Houla's kennel in Texas
Puppies playing at home Texas
Pure smooth coat puppies at Porto Novo in March 2012!
Four brothers -- all handsome smooth coat puppies!
New Smooth Coat Podengo Pequenos!
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Born in the USA Puppies
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